How to Conserve Energy in the Dog Days of Summer

Trying to stay cool in the south is expensive. Whether you have an energy-efficient home like the houses from Homes by Vanderbilt, or you have a traditionally built home, here are three ways you can save on energy costs during hot summer days without sacrificing your comfort.

1. Lowering the cost of your air conditioner. A/C units are a huge energy drain and may be working more than necessary if you have a habit of leaving doors or windows open. Keep shades drawn during the sunniest times of the day. If you find it easy to leave your front door open while you bring groceries in the house – start to pile your groceries outside your front door and only open it to move everything inside. You can also purchase an inexpensive thermostat timer so that the temperature is higher during the day and will cool down just before you arrive home. If you have ceiling fans, use them as often as possible. They require insignificant energy and help circulate the air so that your A/C unit doesn’t have to work overtime.

2. Find an energy-efficient dryer or cut down on laundry machine time. Take advantage of the hot days of summer and dry your clothes or sheets outside. You’ll start to see a savings in your energy costs even if you air-dry half of your laundry loads.

3. Run your dishwasher once per week. Wash dishes by hand as much as possible and let them air dry. Air drying will cost you nothing. Your dishwashing machine won’t be wasting more energy heating up to dry your dishes, instead it will be lessening your costs!

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