Homes by Vanderbuilt Offers Alternative To Assisted Living

Homes by Vanderbuilt is the first in the home-building industry to offer this new concept in assisted living

“Having an accessible living space is the difference of having a quality of life,” said Angie Plager, Miss Wheelchair Iowa 2009, who recently moved into a Care-Cottage that her parents set up next to their home.

Plager, who was paralyzed from the chest down after an automobile accident eight years ago, had previously resided in her mother’s living room, since all of the bedrooms in her family’s two story, farm style home are upstairs.

Care-Cottages are a new concept in assisted living housing. They are designed to be set up on or near property owned by the primary caregivers, offering a sensible alternative to costly assisting living facilities while providing senior loved ones with a better sense of privacy and independence.

“It’s an entirely new concept, an alternative to traditional assisted living,” said Chris Van de Reit, sales manager and product director for Homes by Vanderbuilt, adding that the custom-designed modular homes will appeal to families with loved ones who prefer to live independently, but still have family close by to look after them.

“The idea is to set these units up on or near the caregiver’s property, so that elderly or disabled family members can enjoy a feeling of independence and privacy while still having loved ones close by,” Van de Reit said.

The wheelchair accessible units, developed by Martinsburg, Va.-based Nationwide Homes, can be custom designed to include counter height appliances, accessible shelving and storage as well as barrier free showers, vanities and commodes without having an institutional look or feel.

Care-Cottages, which typically retail for $69,000, are also more affordable than assisted living facilities, which charge an average of $3,500 per month or $42,000 per year.

“Given the high cost of assisted living facilities, it doesn’t take long for a Care-Cottage to pay for itself,” Van de Reit said, adding that Homes by Vanderbilt will also buy back each Care-Cottage it sells for $20,000 if a family no longer has use for the unit within four years.
And when one figures the four-year cost of staying in an assisted living facility, combined with the $20,000 buyback offer, the typical family could save over $100,000 by investing in a Care-Cottage. For more information on Care Cottages, please visit Homes By Vanderbuilt.