Homes By Vanderbuilt Gives Retirees A Reason To Upgrade

Seniors throughout the Southeast are conserving capital by selling their homes and choosing top quality Homes by Vanderbuilt modular homes. This combination provides much needed financial relief without compromising lifestyle.

Homes By Vanderbuilt has long dealt with seniors choosing to relocate into manufactured homes. These days, a combination of aging baby boomers, rising utility costs and the desire for less maintenance are creating a new wave of demand from those fifty and up. Without being stereotyped, those who find themselves with an empty nest are considering the “next revolution” in residential living. New modular homeowners can pay cash, downsize and have a new highly energy efficient Homes by Vanderbuilt home – all with the convenience of low maintenance and upkeep.

Homes By Vanderbuilt meets people making this transition every week – couples like David and Sandra Holcomb, both now retired, who considered many options before settling on a Homes By Vanderbuilt modular. They agreed that today’s modular homes offer quality construction, efficient heating and cooling systems, convenient livability and modern amenities.

Homes By Vanderbuilt provides its customers with information about construction, manufacturing and the stringent construction and safety standards designed to meet local and state building codes. Materials, the detailed process of construction, mobility considerations and exterior maintenance are all aspects that Homes By Vanderbuilt representatives discuss with prospective buyers. Over the past thirty years Homes By Vanderbuilt has recognized that most Homes by Vanderbuilt homes, once built, are never relocated. Seniors are building decks, patios, screened porches, growing gardens and living in wonderful communities, and Homes By Vanderbuilt has walked along that path with their customers and friends.

Since 1984, Homes By Vanderbuilt has offered a wide variety of products and services that includes assisting customers with customization and features to meet special needs or budget requirements. Today’s Homes by Vanderbuilt modular homes are built with the same building materials as site-built homes that cost twice a much. Homes By Vanderbuilt also provides information on current HUD codes that ensure compliance in areas such as strength, durability, fire resistance, energy efficiency and quality.

The role that Homes By Vanderbuilt plays in the purchase of a new modular home is critical. On-site experience coupled with hundreds of satisfied families insures homeowners that the “Homes By Vanderbuilt” experience will be easy and hassle free.

For more information on how to downsize, step up and enjoy the ease of living with a Homes By Vanderbuilt modular home call 800-801-1064 or visit them at Homes By Vanderbuilt.