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Homes No Longer Labeled “Cheap”

We typically think of homes being built from the ground up, brick by brick. However, factory homes are becoming more favorable for Canadians, regardless of the generally higher opinion of homes that are not prefabricated.

Though factory-built homes are not a new development, they are starting to climb the ranks in popularity. New innovative technologies make it possible for a wider scope of designs for modular homes, and architects are starting to become more familiar with the process of creating these homes.

Quoted in Financial Post, Marc Bovet states: “It’s always been labelled as cheap… it has always been labelled in the U.S. as [for a] trailer park. It’s the label that comes with it, and that has to change.” Luckily for Bovet, prefabricated and modular homes are starting to be considered as housing options. The appeal? Factory-built designs are energy-efficient and consist of quality materials. Prefabricated homes are also seen as better for the environment, as the waste created while making the home is a lot less compared to its wood-structured house counterpart.

Over time, consumers have started to realize the benefits that prefabricated homes have to offer. The building industry tends to have a preference for wood-structured homes, as it creates more jobs for construction workers. Pricing on modular homes varies, as location and design options are all taken into account before creating a home.

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