Homes By Vanderbuilt Recounts their 2013 Toys for Tots Campaign

Homes by Vanderbuilt is excited to recap their 2013 Toys for Tots campaign, that saw employees and customers a like get involved in this campaign.

“Looking back at it, I could not have asked for more.” Says Homes by Vanderbuilt Owner Tom Van De Reit. “Not only were we able to get people here in the office involved, but we were able to get the community of Sanford involved as well.”

The Toys for Tots campaign ran by Toys for Tots involved not only getting their office involved but their community involved as well. Not only did they match every like on their Facebook and Google+ page, with $5 to the Toys for Tots charity but they also encouraged their clients to get involved by spreading the message and pinning related items to their Pinterest board.

The campaign ended up being a wild success in which Homes by Vanderbuilt gained over 250 likes on Facebook and 14 new likes on Google+ leading to Homes by Vanderbuilt donating a whopping $1000 to Homes by Vanderbuilt.

On top of having an online campaign that called for new followers Homes by Vanderbuilt’s official office served as an official toy donation center for the town of Sanford.

“Overall I will say, I believe that we gave it our all. At the end of the day, that’s all I could ask for is that we give it our all to one of my favorite charities.”

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